megan and shane

Elegant Country Club Wedding

This day was all sorts of beautiful. Covid has changed so many weddings over the last year but I am so thankful for the weddings that have been able to happen. Elopements bring many raw and intimate moments that often aren't seen as easily during bigger celebrations. I don't want to feel like just your photographer, I want to be your good friend through this and this day was a perfect example of that. Megan and Shane have been through so much this last year and made the decision to postpone their bigger celebration and elope with their immediate family. I truly felt like an honorary bridesmaid and sweet friend for Megan, helping to hold her dress and walk through the country club property together. My soul loved every minute while we froze our booties off and drove the golf cart to sweet little nooks, hand warmers and all. One of the highlights from this day was a candid moment when Shane accelerated the golf cart a little too quickly and almost threw us off the back. That was just one of the sweetest memories with the sweetest couple!!

** Megan and Shane eloped in October and had their bigger celebration in June - this gallery showcases both of their celebrations!!  

two souls


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